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As you’d expect from the creators of Halo, Destiny 2 features world-class shooting with a variety of increasingly exotic, collectable guns. The game’s been around for so long, now, that it’s amalgamated an absolute ton of content, including five story campaigns of varying length and quality across many different worlds. Call of Duty has dominated the shooter space for decades now and there’s a good reason why. It still feels great to play and is very accessible as far as the popular modern shooters go. Even better, Modern Warfare recently added a free battle royale mode known as Warzone that has quickly become a tremendous success. In any event, playing some or all of this shooter package is worth your while, especially if you’re into military shooters with fancy perks, attachments, vehicles and more. Speaking of influential games, Valve’s Half-Life 2 came out in 2004 and revolutionized the shooter as we knew it.

The gameplay is as smooth as Overwatch, the gunplay is as good as in Call of Duty, and the movement is as fluid as in Mirror’s Edge. The entire gameplay experience in Apex Legends is excellent. Combine that with the great innovations that Apex Legends has made to the battle royale formula. Then you have not only the best battle royale on the market but one of the best shooters of recent years. Apex Legends has become the fastest game ever to gain 25 million players, reaching that milestone in just one week, and it’s not a coincidence, it’s a fantastic game. However, like Counter-Strike, Six Siege lets you play as either an elite tactical unit or terrorists in a ton of different scenarios.

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Good free-to-play games are rare to come by nowadays, and Team Fortress is one of the best there is and certainly our favorite in the first-person shooter genre. I had honestly reached a point where I was utterly fatigued on the battle royale genre as the market got increasingly oversaturated. However, Apex Legends is not your regular cash grab battle royale game; it is a fantastic game that any fan of first-person shooters should give a try. Apex Legends is completely free-to-play but has a level of polish and attention to detail that is rare today even among fully-priced triple-A games.

  • Any fan of the previous Farcry games and fans of open-world games, in general, will almost certainly love Farcry 5.
  • It has astonishing graphics, slick gameplay, and a rather engaging story.
  • While the Farcry franchise had seen a decline in quality with the fourth installment as well as Farcry Primal, the newest installment brings the franchise back to its former glory.
  • Since the critical and commercial success of Farcry 3, this franchise has become a fan favorite, and Farcry 5 was one of the most anticipated games of 2018.
  • It is highly addictive, fast-paced, and rewards skill more than a lot of its competitors.

Red Orchestra 2, Rising Storm, and Rising Storm 2 are all special games, and we recommend them regardless of their lowish player counts. Tripwire’s 64-player wargames don’t lean into simulation as much as the Arma series, but make you crawl around in the mud a lot more than the arcadey Battlefields.

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Some of which might seem familiar to Counter-Strike players, such as the Hostage and the Bomb game mode, but Six Siege also offers modes such as Terrorist Hunt, Secure Area, and more. The Variation in-game modes are one of the game’s big advantages.