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Obviously this isn’t meant to rival professional video editing packages – how could it? But it actually does a pretty good job at helping someone who has no time or no experience, to create something that looks surprisingly good. However, when you do know of these features’ existence, we believe most casual video makers would be more than happy with the tools at their disposal.

  • Wide-angle lens covers up to 3 lanes of highway without much distortion.
  • The Nikon D7200 is a great camera for the money, as long as you don’t care about an extensive feature set.
  • 16GB memory card included; recent firmware update boosts SD card compatibility to 128GB.
  • The car camera that’s best for you largely depends on what type of driving activity you want to record.
  • We’ve driven the Camry in both top-level XLE guise and in its more plebeian SE trim.
  • Both are spacious and comfortable, and the XLE is downright luxurious.

But you should keep one thing in mind that the software might face some glitches while you’re working on a project. You have to drag and drop the media files from the media section that you want in your video. Along with that, the effects and transitions also need to be dragged and dropped on or between the media to make a classy movie. Now it can be used to edit the videos by taking the help of transitions, effects, and other features. Another program,VSDC Video Editor Pro, had a terribly outdated interface when we tested it, but its developer has recently done a major update, so look for an updated review soon.

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This is all extremely straightforward, but it actually works as you’d expect a dedicated, albeit simple, video editor to work. The lower section is your Storyboard, where you see all the clips that have been added to your project. Each one is represented by a rectangular thumbnail of the same size, irrespective of its length. More professional editors display footage based on their duration. The way Photos does it is meant to simplify the process for people who may have little to no experience with the video editing concept. So instead, they just see all the clips one after the other, as simple blocks to more around or even delete. Our MiniTool movie maker review is enough to tell that you should go for the software.

What we like is that no matter which mode you choose to use, you can always tinker with the final video using any of the tools available, so you really can get as involved as you like with the editing process. Amongst them, Windows Movie Maker is the best one to go for. Apart from that, Windows Movie Maker, OpenShot, and Avidemux can be considered as trustworthy and amazing movie maker software for Windows 10. As the name suggests itself, Windows Movie Maker is made for Windows users and can be used by them to create amazing movies, videos, films, and more.

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Besides trimming and cutting tools Windows Movie Maker is also equipped with effects, transitions and credits animations. Its interface is quite intuitive, so you won’t need too much time to figure out how you can start exporting your projects to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. One likable facet is that visit most of the edits you make and effects you apply preview automatically when the mouse cursor is hovered over their buttons. This makes the software one of the simplest to use to make amateur movies without a hassle. The simplicity has always been its major trump card and a reason it’s liked by many. The program allows you to make new transition and effects or modify the existing ones using the XML code. Although it’s set of features doesn’t yield professional grade results, they are easy and fun to play around with.

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Again this movie maker is yours by choosing a template and create something exciting. This is a movie making an app for action video creators who use GoPro cameras to capture their footage. Quik is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to edit videos recorded with GoPro cameras from the HERO series while they are on the go. There are more than twenty customizable themes available, so you can just select the theme that matches the style of your video and then adjust its settings. Once you’re signed in, you can either start making a video from the videos you recorded by yourself or from the stock footage that the platform offers. You can also add transitions between clips, create opening titles or end credits in just a few clicks. Windows Movie Maker lets its users capture new footage or process the pre-recorded videos.

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If you’re looking at video editing as a long term project, and you want to go from novice to expert, then CyberLink PowerDirector is a good choice for you. It has three different methods for video creation, ranging from a full-feature mode to a simple ‘auto video’ creator, which does much of the hard work for you.