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You can add steps to or delete steps from Calculation Memory. Note that if the number of steps in Calculation Memory exceeds 150, you will not be able to review them later. Award-winning personal finance blogger featured in Business Insider, MSN, CNBC, Marketwatch, and other major media sites.

You reminded me that it was Firecalc that helped me gain the focus and awareness by playing with the numbers and by looking at the options they offered. I think I’ll get him to plug in some numbers to Firecalc and see if it makes a difference.

Hp 12cp Financial Calculator :

If I do, I’ll check my wine supply before starting next time. It’s clear that waaaay too many of these do not even factor in how much you plan to spend in retirement which is kind of a huge factor . But I wouldn’t recommend it to someone brand-new to personal finance.

Thanks for putting this together for those that want to get more specific about calculating their retirement number. All this comfort is due to the education and perspective I got when I began to want to know more about how my money would work in retirement. I have a brother who is 10 years away from retirement and for several months now I’ve been trying to talk with him about those last ten years and how I made them pay-off.

Some three years out, I have to say that the projections given by Firecalc still seem to inspire me and give me perspective. My investments have done well recently, but I know that will not last so I’m not sitting on autopilot thinking I’ll get the same future gain. What I am doing is enjoying more of the “gains” in spending power I’ve seen since retiring by going on some 3+ month trips to Europe and South America. I’ve bought a very nice chair for my soon to be 90 year old Mother who found it hard to lift herself from her recliner. I’ve found some great charities and volunteered my time and donated my money – stepping into VLC media player leadership roles as I am able.

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Another thing that helped me was the explanations of the different options in Firecalc. It helped me to better understand factors that I may not have thought about in my long-term financial planning. It is a bit comforting knowing that your portfolio could survive even the worse periods of time in past though. I’ll put that one on the list in case I ever do this again.

Passionate about teaching people about money , success at work, and frugal family life all to reach financial freedom. I spent days getting the details in but once you do the upfront work. What I liked was that you could put in your own guesses for inflation and investment returns both before and after retirement. This is helpful when deciding how to allocate investments when you retire. I tried out the Market Watch calculator – pretty decent, will have to mess around with that a bit more.

Another calculator I’ve found helpful is the Retirement Planner in Personal Capital. My conclusion was to just focus on expected expenses then multiply by 25 to get a 4% SWR as a general rule of thumb. It’s overly simplified, but at least it’s a starting point. Of course, the younger you are, the less likely you even have a clue as to what your expenses are going to be. Even more reason to track your expenses and start saving early!