Dating Italian Men Isn’t Always Easy

Dating Italian Men Isn’t Always Easy

My moms and dads set me up with impractical objectives of love.

Don’t misunderstand me, Vincent and Angela Festino are wonderful genitori. We miei filled hugs, Nutella to my childhood and Toto Cutugno sing-a-longs into the vehicle. My parents’ love for me personally understands no limitations, and their love for every single other is really the material life getaway films are made of.

Their soul-mating started having a unanticipated conference at a bus depot, had been nearly crushed with a plot twist you never saw coming, and journeyed over the Atlantic Ocean to Italia and again, before finally reaching its pleased ending in Boston.

It’s an attractive, real love story that I vow to generally share quickly.

For the time being, you simply need to use my term because of it: my parents’ saga has kept me personally notably ill-prepared for the realities regarding the dating globe. Continue reading “Dating Italian Men Isn’t Always Easy”